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Are you trying to catch something? celebrities on twitter
Image by The Crump Effect We all got together to do body painting and have Laney model Ceramic Corsets designed by my friend, Nicole Moan. It was a crazy short time we had and we did most of it last minute planning, resorting to shooting in one of Nicole's friends back yards. We had already lost the light of the day for shooting and did not have a studio, so we improvised. Little did we know what kind of success all of us would start to have. Congratulations to Laney on all her recent accomplishments. What would you create if you worked with Laney, me, Nicole, or all of us as a team? Remember to book your makeup artists in advance. We need time to prepare, design, order supplies, etc. We don't always have what you need in stock and communication makes all the difference. We often tell our clients that big projects and good things take time to plan and prepare. There are big things coming in the future. Are you ready? Nicole is still doing shows all across the nation with her Ceramic Corsets and even fashion designs. My team and I are working on new body painting projects, classes, motivational videos and more. If you want to keep up with us, check out the attached links. Recently we got sponsored by SNAZAROO, one of the world's largest body paint suppliers. Nicole and Laney have both been on TV a lot lately. I need to catch back up. Been hiding in the woodworks for too long it seems. Model: Laney Parkhurst (Chantal) ( Pinup Model/Muse, SYFY FaceOff Makeup Contestant, Suicide Girl and much more..) www.makeupbylaney.com Ceramic Corset designed and created by: www.nicolemoan.com Bryan Crump Photography | Kaizen Dreams LLC. OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA Improve your Dreams | Improve your Life!!! Follow my work on Facebook Twitter | 500px

Chewie on Parade celebrities on twitter
Image by Scottwdw How would you describe a Wookie's sound? Chewbacca (Chewie) takes part in the Star Wars Celebrity Motorcade during Star Wars Weekend at Disney's Hollywood Studios back in 2012. The 2014 Star Wars Weekends start this week. I am doing the Feel the Force package on Friday with special viewing areas for both the motorcade and fireworks. Follow me on Twitter at @Scottwdw for photos and commentary.

Colorful Old Oil Barrels celebrities on twitter
Image by L.C.Nøttaasen Colorful Old Oil Barrels Used @: 1 Iran won’t benefit much from Venezuelan gasoline worldfocus.org/blog/2009/09/09/iran-wont-benefit-much-fro... 2 Iran won’t benefit much from Venezuelan gasoline www.heralddeparis.com/iran-won%e2%80%99t-benefit-much-fro... 3 Oil’s Part in the Financial Crisis www.rff.org/wv/archive/2009/10/20/oils-part-in-the-financ... 4 Tuesday's Reads www.rff.org/wv/archive/2009/11/10/tuesdays-reads-17.aspx 5 Interior Secretary Tells Big Oil â€" Public Lands are Not Your Candy Store twilightearth.com/energy/oil/interior-secretary-tells-big... 6 Want to Promote Oil and Gas Use? Hire an Environmentalist -- Like Big Oil Did industry.bnet.com/energy/10003292/want-a-powerful-pro-oil... 7 Big Oil Wreaks Havoc in the Amazon, But Communities Are Fighting Back www.alternet.org/world/145968/big_oil_wreaks_havoc_in_the... 8 Why Oil Prices Will Only Go Up, Why Your World is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller, by Jeff Rubin internationaltradecommodities.suite101.com/article.cfm/wh... 9 Another Good Reason to Cut Oil Use motherjones.com/blue-marble/2010/04/another-good-reason-c... 10 A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash documentaryfilms.suite101.com/article.cfm/a-crude-awakeni... 11 Why Peru's Rainforest Is About to Be Decimated While Across the Border Celebrities Rally to Save Ecuador's Rainforest www.alternet.org/world/146764/why_peru's_rainforest_is_ab... 12 Report Feature: Oil Sands Media Monitor portalfornorthamerica.org/spotlight/2010/05/report-featur... 13 A Thousand Barrels a Second, by Peter Tertzakian sciencetechbooks.suite101.com/article.cfm/a-thousand-barr... 14 Why Peru's Rainforest Is About to Be Decimated While Across the Border Celebrities Rally to Save Ecuador's Rainforest btragert.blogspot.com/2010/05/why-perus-rainforest-is-abo... 15 blog.hmns.org/?p=6761 16 EIA Annual Energy Outlook: Where, Exactly, is the Oil Coming From? www.rff.org/wv/archive/2010/06/02/eia-annual-energy-outlo... 17 The Road To Hell In Defense Procurement Reform Is Paved With Good Intentions industry.bnet.com/government/10006377/road-to-hell-in-def... 18 So Much for Market Mechanisms www.progressivefix.com/so-much-for-market-mechanisms 19 Crude Oil, Contango and Roll Yield for Commodity Trading www.automated-trading-system.com/crude-oil-contango-and-r... 20 Deepwater ourdhstreets.blogspot.com/2010/05/deepwater.html 21 Oil prices continue declines envirotell.com/oilnews/580-oil-prices-continue-declines 22 North Sea still has oil to yield solarpanelquoter.blogspot.com/2010/07/north-sea-still-has... 23 Olie expert overleden na kritische interviews www.argusoog.org/2010/08/olie-expert-overleden-na-kritisc... 24 Check out these commodities trading images: commoditiestradingblog.com/2010/08/colorful-old-oil-barrels/ 25 Crude oil trading www.selkblog.com/crude-oil-trading-2/ 26 Oil Sands Project Coming To Utah outside-blog.away.com/blog/2010/09/oil-sands-project-comi... 27 U.S. Military Must End Oil Dependence Within 30 Years, Report Says blog.cleantechies.com/2010/09/29/u-s-military-must-end-oi... 28 Die Entwicklung des Ölpreises in den letzten zehn Jahren forex-aktuell.de/die-entwicklung-des-oelpreises-in-den-le... 29 A Few of the Substantial Benefits of Automated Forex Day Trading forextrading-systems.org/automated-forex/a-few-of-the-sub... 30 Forex Expert Advisor Forum â€" Forex Expert Advisors That Work homecareersystem.com/tag/work 31 Forex Market Charts â€" The Importance of Studying a Forex Chart www.for-investor.com/forex-market-charts-the-importance-o... 32 Suffle effect wonderfl.net/c/e0ik 33 Biotechnology Helps Clean Oil www.biotech-weblog.com/39444424/biotechnology_helps_clean... 34 Potential Drawbacks On Oil ETF www.etf-weblog.com/35666489/potential_drawbacks_on_oil_et... 35 Le pic pétrolier ? qu'est ce que c'est ? www.rfi.fr/emission/20101219-1-le-pic-petrolier-est-depas... 36 Automated Forex Trading: The Easy Way To Make Money With Currency Trading? www.robotstradingtheforex.com/automated-forex-trading/aut... 37 What should we do about Iran’s nuclear issue? iranians.tk/iranian/what-should-we-do-about-irans-nuclear... 38 Is an alliance of Russia, China, Venezuela, Iran, Cuba too strong for the US to defeat? iranians.tk/iranian/is-an-alliance-of-russia-china-venezu... 39 1 - Le pic pétrolier ? qu'est ce que c'est ? www.rfi.fr/emission/20101219-1-le-pic-petrolier-est-depas... 40 Crude Calculation - The Continued Lack of Transparency Over Oil in Sudan sustainablesecurity.org/resources/crude-calculation-conti... 41 Gasoline prices are rising www.publiccitizenenergy.org/tag/gasoline-prices/ 42 Scottsdale Artificial Grass â€" The Benefits of Artificial Grass www.frugalfanny.ca/tag/scottsdale/ 43 Russia Wants Gas From 3rd EU Package www.azglasuvamzaevropa.eu/25338561/russia_wants_gas_from_... 44 Gas mileage conversion chart: Canada & USA www.cgwerks.com/steveblog/2011/02/01/gas-mileage-conversi... 45 As oil prices rises.. www.energyvox.org/2011/01/04/as-oil-prices-rise-beware-fa... 46 Why Crude Prices Haven’t Spiked Over “Peak Oil” Concerns in Saudi Arabia www.bnet.com/blog/clean-energy/why-crude-prices-haven-821... 47 Forte hausse du pétrole à Wall Street face à la situation en Lybie www.france-amerique.com/articles/2011/02/22/forte_hausse_... 48 Farewell, #6! (Hello, Bioheating Fuel) blog.urbangreencouncil.org/2011/02/farewell-6-hello-biohe... 49 Pétrole cher : qui va régler la douloureuse ? www.terra-economica.info/Petrole-cher-qui-va-regler-la,16... 50 Airline profits hit by high oil prices, rise in fares possible www.gadling.com/2011/03/02/airline-profits-hit-by-high-oi... 51 Oil Prices Top 6 Per Barrel inhabitat.com/oil-prices-top-106-per-barrel-as-crisis-fla... 52 Social Media for Oil and Gas Companies www.sbkelsick.com/2011/03/01/quickinar-social-media-for-o... 53 Spiraling Oil Prices Will Raise Airfares Further www.wandalust.com/47696650/spiraling_oil_prices_will_rais... 54 Hello, Washington: Anyone There? www.thehavananote.com/2011/04/hello_washington_anyone_the... 55 Will it take eight years to find out the role the oil companies played in the war in libya fdlaction.firedoglake.com/2011/04/20/will-it-also-take-ei... 56 High Gas Prices Expected calgaryrealestate.ca/2011/05/high-gas-prices-expected/ 57 Saudi Prince Worries We Might Find Alternatives to Oil www.treehugger.com/files/2011/05/saudi-prince-worries-we-... 58 18 Mrd. Dollar für iranische Öl- und Gasförderung www.iran-plus.de/news/18-mrd-dollar-fur-iranische-ol-und-... 59 Unseemly Scrabble for Libya's Post-Gaddafi Oil Assets Underway www.distressedvolatility.com/2011/09/unseemly-scrabble-fo... 60 BP And the Deepwater Horizon Disaster-US Federal Report www.trcbnews.com/bp-and-the-deepwater-horizon-disaster-us... 61 Politically speaking, can all parties agree that we need to…? bestalternativeenergysource.com/politically-speaking-can-... 62 How China Has Benefited From America’s Hostility to Iran www.truthdig.com/eartotheground/item/how_china_has_benefi...